Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact
in the Digital Era

an exploratory workshop

2009 February 6-8
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava

Bogdan Popoveniuc


What is technological mentality?

Starting from the model of non-generic tri-unity essence of human being, the paper sketches an outline of the present and prospected situation and condition of technologically submitted modern man. How it shapes the modern man weltanschauung with its entire cortege of consequences: the mode of knowledge, ethics dilemmas, interpersonal relationships, its relations with the nature, the lost of reality-sense, its shifting and dynamic world view bring about each new technological development (e.g. those resulting from discoveries and innovations), the traits of technological culture – e.g. functionality, efficiency, universality and rationality – with its own values, norms and motives, its far-reaching influence over the human biology, society and thinking, natural environment, social structures and informational  realm. Some of the major advantages and threats of ecological, social or culturally adjusted technologies and more sustainable development issues in ecological, social or culturally areas of technological adjustment as ecological agriculture, genetic manipulation, alternative and sustainable energy, political upshots, implication on scientific understanding and many more are discussed as well.
Beside all these practical and worthwhile matters, the paper reveals that the key for solving the present crises (ecological, economical, political, and cultural) and the preservation of the human universe in a proper form are all related with the way in which the “technological mentality” will be managed, and made human, in the near future.