Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact
in the Digital Era

an exploratory workshop

2009 February 6-8
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava

Boris Plahteanu

Date of birth: 22.09.1941, Kishinev; Bessarabien

Studies: Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” Jassy; 1962; Profession: Mechanical Engineer; Scientific title; Ph.D in  Speciality: -“Machine-tools.

Didactic activity: Assistant, Head of Laboratory(1962 – 1967), Lecturer (1967-1977), Professor (1977-2006), consultant professor to Depatment of Machine-Tools and Integrated Manufacturing Sistems, Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” Jassy; Professor and other activities: National Institute of  Inventics: Chief of the Informatisation and Praxiology Department; Editor-in-chief of the “Inventics Journal” (since 1990);• Founder Member of the Society of Inventors in Romania (1990); Founder Member of the “Stefan Lupascu” Foundation (1997); Doctorship Guide –“ Machine-tools and Machine Integrated Systems”;(since 1990); Administrative functions: •Chief of Department: Machine-Tools and Integrated Manufacturing Sistems, Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” Jassy; (1979-1985); (2000-2006);• Vice Dean (1990-1994); •Scientific Manager of the National Institute of Inventics•Jassy (1996-2002); General Manager of the National Institute of  Inventics•Jassy (since  2002);

Publications: 25 books (out of which more important ones):
monographs: • Foundations Technical Creation, Ed.Performantica, 2005, • The Value Engineering and Performance Technical Creation, Ed. Performantica, Jassy, 1999;•The Geometric Effect in Technical Creation, Ed. Performantica, Jassy,2000;•Handbook and Treatises:•Machine–tools and Aggregates, Ed. D.P., Bucharest, 1982;•Special Machine-tools, Ed. D.P., Bucharest, 1983;•Creative Design of the Machine-tools, Ed. Performantica, Jassy, 2001;•Books published aboard::•Machine-tools and Machine Systems, Ed. Stiinta, Kishinev,1992; •The Automatisation of the Technological Processes in the Mechanical Engineering, Ed. Universitas, Kishinev, 1993;
National and International appreciations:• Coresponding Fellow of the Europen Scientists and Arts Academy, 2002;• Fellow of the International Association “Euristika” 1992;• Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 1991;• Fellow of the International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA), Geneva,  1992;
 Scientific activity: •265 scientific papers published in the country and abroad; 65 patents;   Participation as responsible and project manager in over 52 contracts of  research, designing, technological development and grants:

Distinctions and prizes:•The Order “Steaua Romaniei”(Romania’s Star), knight’s rank, Bucharest,2002;•The Commander Cross, Officer Cross and Knight Cross of the Order “The Inventive Merit”, Brussels, EUREKA, 1999; •The Officer Cross of the Order “The Belgo- Spanish Merit), 1996;•Oscar “INVENTICA-96”, (Hamangia Tinker);• The “KE HOA” Prize, China, 1995;• The Medal of the Mayor of the City of Brussels, 1994;•ELITE INVENTOR, first class; •44 gold medals at the World and International Expositions.
Fields of interest:• Machine-tools;• Bases of technical creation in mechanical engineering;• The value engineering; Specific praxiologies in technical creation  (Master course).