Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact
in the Digital Era

an exploratory workshop

2009 February 6-8
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava

Boris Plateanu



Prof. Boris Plahteanu Ph.D.,  Mircea Frunză Ph.D.

For Romania integration in European Union can be achieved only by bringing the self structures of human activity to the highest level of the similar structures from Europe and with a specific contribution, with performance which can prove that Romania has an highest place in the world. One of these fields is INVENTICS.

One invention brings itself a progress, but more important, for the society, is training of the inventor itself. One invention represents one product; meanwhile an inventor represents a mean of production, capable to multiply the number and performance of the products.

A well trained engineer is characterised by for fundamentals attributes: - knows the technique; - applies the technique; - leads the technique; - create the technique.
In the traditional technical academic education, still used in many places today, an engineer is trained only in the spirit of the first three attributes; the creative side is paced in a second plane, like a spontaneous activity, the structure of the academic courses sometimes give strong psychological brakes in the creative activity.

The Romanian innovations concept is the since and polyvalent art of the optimal way, which is a result of the creative synthesis, the logics and algorithms of the heuristic approach established like a praxeologic of the whole way through: enunciation of the creation assignment (creation of the assignment): finding of the losses in the actual level of the technique, defining the product performances; - creation of the technical solution which achieve those performances, through the industrial implementation of the original solution.

Orientation to developing of such of since – INVENTICS, in our country appears in the beginning of 1967, when in Iasi, a team of scientists, academic teachers organised the first courses post-academic of scientific creation. In this way was defined a self system of the creation processes, the magister professor Vitalie Belous formed a team in the recognised Iasi School of Inventics.
The innovation approach can assure the success of the complex step necessary in technologies, in management, finance, marketing, in multiple problems settlement which face the economy.
The absence of some infrastructure parts of some companies and scientific research institutes make impossible the innovative activity. This refers to a part which is crucial for all innovation – the possibility of promotion of industrial propriety.

Not often we get the question - is actual the problem of formation of innovation culture, the development of creative activity during the transition period and local moments of crisis in many parts of economical field? Is actual and necessary his amplification. Indeed, today not often people speak about the necessity of passing through a new stage of innovation culture in the society. What doesn’t mean?

The economical success, all most time depends to the social and cultural factors, together with the technological and technical ones. Through these in the society must be created favourable socio-cultural, psychological, organizational premises. We will be naives if will minimise the complexity of formation of such a innovation atmosphere.
All these things make favourable the berthing in this space, in 2001, through an agreement with the National Office for Inventions and Patents of the Regional Centre for Promoting of Industrial Propriety Protection.

In this crucible of the University, National Inventics Institute and Regional Centre, the youngest inventors, through their creative activity, begin catalysts of the new in the university and after that in the industrial space where they work.
The measure of implementing in the study programme of the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” of the discipline The Basic of Technical Creation increasing the number of inventions enroled to the National Ofiice for Invention and Patents.

The participation, together with those involved, in all phases of transfer from the idea to industrial project in this Consortium: University – National Inventics Institute, Regional Centre assure the synergetic space of development of the quality of the innovative facts.
In our opinion, the essence of this step is illustrated by the concept: - “innovational development”. Which must be done to transform the inovational development from a charming idea in to a nice reality for our interest area.

The novelty himself, scientific, technico-scientific development, or invention is transformed in to an innovative product, under the form of good, service, method. In conclusion, innovational cycles starts from the faze of scientific researches, conceptions, design and construction. The results laboured in principal build these fertile space on the base will be started the innovational activity in the real economy and all other domains.

An idea can be potential innovative when exists the through belief that passing the technico-scientific and innovational stage, will appear a innovative product.
The manufacturing of the technico-scientific and innovative products are related and in the same time self-standing cycles of the society production. She has the most success when includes not a thin domain (for example the spare parts production) but includes inside spheres which influences the general results (management, marketing, training, finance, etc. )