Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact
in the Digital Era

an exploratory workshop

2009 February 6-8
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava

Peter (Piotr) Boltuc


Boltuc, Peter (Piotr), Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Illinois at Springfield (USA); Professor of Online Learning at the Warsaw School of Economics (Poland). The editor of the Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers of the American Philosophical Association; also guest editor at Dialogue and Universalism (issue 12/2008); board member at The International Journal of Machine Consciousness; The Polish Journal of Philosophy; E-Mentor; Analiza i Egzystencja; reviewer for Oxford University Press and other publishers.

Former Senior Common Room Member at St. John’s College, Oxford (1988) and Visiting Graduate Student at Princeton (1991-1992). Former president of the International Association of Young Philosophers (Brighton 1988-Montreal 1993); former director of COPC at UIS; former Chair of the Department of Philosophy at UIS; current ex-officio member of the Committee on Philosophy and Computers of the APA.

Pioneer of online learning: between 1999 and 2009 developed 12 different online courses in philosophy, an including international advanced course Rationality and Moral Choice (taught about 60 online sections) and organized the first advanced online degree in philosophy in the US.

Gave about 100 papers at various conferences, some as a keynote speaker and published over two dozen articles:

Select Publications:
in Philosophy of Mind: “Reductionism and Qualia” in: Epistemologia. 4/1998
in Philosophy and Computers: “Some Philosophical Issues in Machine Consciousness” International Journal of Machine Consciousness 1/2009 (forthcoming); “Replication of the Hard Problem of Consciousness in AI and Bio-AI: An Early Conceptual Framework” [co-authored]
in Moral Philosophy: “Moral Neighborhoods” Dialogue and Universalism 5/2001; “Why Common Sense Morality is Not Collectively Self-Defeating“ Polish Journal of Philosophy 2/2007 pp. 19-39;
 “Solidarity and Special Moral Obligations” in: “The Ethics of Solidarity” George McLean (ed.) Catholic University of America 2009, forthcoming
in Applied Ethics: “Business Ethics: Sins that Originate from One’s Not Knowing Quite How to Sin”, E-Mentor, SGH, April 2006
in Political Philosophy: “The Main Trends in Contemporary American Political Philosophy” [pol.] in: Analiza i Egzystencja 5/2007, pp. 133-157
in Philosophy of Economics and Social Capital Theory: “Emergent Properties of Choice” Online Proceedings of the World Congress of Philosophy, ; "Why Russia is Needed for Regional Stability; an Application of Institutional Economics for Security Issues." in: Roger E. Kanet (ed.) "Post-Communist States in the World Community," Macmillan 1998
in Philosophy of Science: “Why Emeralds are Not Grue A Case for Pragmatic Simplicity” in: Eidos  6/1998
in Online Education: “Education Without Distance” (pol.) E-Mentor, SGH, October 2003; “Global Learning Environment in Philosophy” Dialogue and Universalism 7-8/2007 pp. 149-158