Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact
in the Digital Era

an exploratory workshop

2009 February 6-8
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava

Raymond Turner



1970 B.Sc. Mathematics, Queen Mary College, London

1973 Ph.D. mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science, Queen Mary College, London

1976 MA Philosophy, Bedford College, London

1981 Ph.D. Philosophy, Bedford College, London


Academic Posts

1973 Lecturere in Computer Science, University of Essex, UK

1982 Visiting Professor, University of Rochester, New York, USA

1982 Sloan Research Fellow, University of Massachusetts, USA

1982 Research Fellow SRI, Stanord, CA, USA

1984 Sloan Research Fellow, CSLI , Stanford, CA, USA

1984 Visiting Fellow, University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA

1984 Senior research Fellow, University of Massacusetts, USA

1985-present Professor of Computer Science, University of Essex, UK


Logics for Artificial Intelligence, Ellis Horwood, 1984

Proprieties, Types and Meaning, Vols. I & II, (w. G. Chierchia & B. Partee = editors), Springer Publishers, 1989

Truth and Modality for Knowledge Representation, Pitman Series of Monographs Research in Computer Science and M.I.T. Press Series in Artificial Intelligence, 1990

Constructive Foundations of Functional Languages, McGraw Hill Book Co. (UK) Ltd., 1991

Computable Models, Springer (forthcoming 2009)