5th PHEADE Conference – Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Education and Spirituality in the Digital Era = PHEADE-2013-CEESDE will be organized in:
Suceava, Romania, between 2013 November 30 and 2013 December 1, in the magic county of Bucovina

Creativity, entrepreneurship, education for skills adapted to the Digital Era and spirituality are the required keys in order to have a real chance to reinforce Europe’s confidence in its strength and values.

“The days of relying on large businesses or the government for job creation are over. Many of the millions of jobs lost over the past five years will never return in their old form. Entrepreneurship, which has been the engine for growth in the United States, has not been cultivated in an effective or systematic way in Europe. To create more businesses and more startups requires more than a change in policy. It requires a change in mentality”
– invites us The Startup Manifesto:

“Digital technologies are creating new avenues for progress in almost every industry, which promises to lead to new jobs and opportunities. To take advantage of the digital wave of innovation, Europe needs to develop the skills, policies, and ambition to succeed in a new economic environment”

It intends to be a small conference, with no more than 45 accepted papers for traditional or online presentations (using Skype) in one of its only 4 sub-themes:
- Creativity in the Digital Era
- Entrepreneurship in the Digital Era
- Education (for creativity and entrepreneurship) in the Digital Era
- Spirituality and Philosophy in the Digital Era

We are waiting papers from philosophers, engineers, entrepreneurs, theologians, researchers of the business, education sciences, social sciences, inventors etc. to debate the future on the future of our world under creativity

The time for each presentation: 30 minutes (20 min. – presentation & 10 min. – discussions).

Before the November 30 dinner there will be also a general panel for discussions.

On December 1, a tour in the magic Bucovina County will be organized.

There will be also up to 5 7 key presentations offered by top inventors, entrepreneurs and education researchers and leaders within Europe.

All the articles should be written in English. All the abstracts and papers (APA style!) will be assessed and selected by Scientific Committee of the CFP 5th PHEADE Conference, based on the peer reviewers’ evaluation, prior to publication in an ISI indexed journal or in a book, at an international publishing house, during 2014, provided the papers meet the required quality standards.

Online participation / presentation could also be accepted.

We are inviting the researchers from philosophy, engineering, business, (higher) education, theology to debate the “umbrella” theme of the conference.

Scientific Committee:
Yolanda Angulo – Centro de Estudios Genealogicos, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexic
Diab Al Badayneh – Qatar University, Doha, Qatar
Piotr Boltuc – University of Illinois in Spriengfield, U.S.A.
Marcelo Dascal – Tel Aviv University, Israel
Viorel Guliciuc – Romanian Society for Philosophy, Engineering and Technoethics, Suceava, Romania
Kuruvilla Pandikattu – JDV Centre for Science-Religion Studies, Pune, India
Lorenzo Magnani – MBR conferences organizer, University of Pavia, Italy
Andre Monnin – INRIA Sophia Antipolis, Paris, France
Bogdan Patrut – University of Bacau, Romania
Iulian Rusu – Chief Editor of the European Journal of Science and Theology
Colin Schmidt – Universite du MAine, Laval, France
Shu-Kun Lin – MDPI, Basel, Switzerland
Joao Vila-Cha – Gregorian University, Rome, Italy

Reviewing Board:
Not known by the participants and the Scientific Committee!

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